a great evening at the Tz’s games industry social

We welcomed over 60 attendees to last week’s games industry social at the Tentacle Zone. The careers-focused event attracted people of all experience levels – from those just starting their industry journey to veterans who have worked in games for decades. 

All attended to pursue a common goal – to support one another during a testing period for the industry. In addition to networking over snacks, the event hosted an excellent panel covering various career-related topics. 

Huge thanks to our panellists Albert Marshall (Founder,  Marshall Media Business Affairs), Michaela Thompson (Talent Acquisition Lead, Jagex) and Charley Grafton-Callaghan (Communications Consultant) for sharing their insights. And, of course, Khally Saarman-Jones (Director of People & Culture, Payload Studios) who did a first-class job of hosting the session while also providing her valuable expertise on the subject.

Thank you to everyone who came along. This year has been tough for games, but it’s incredibly heartening to see people rally round and offer each other support during this difficult time. 

We’re planning more in-person industry events at the Tentacle Zone in 2024. We highly recommend signing up for our newsletter if you’d like to learn more. You can find the form over on our homepage.