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TZ Virtual Event: Creating Accessible Experiences & Games, Joshua Flitcroft

Accessibility in games has taken leaps forward in recent years. Ensuring that the broadest range of people can enjoy games is now taken seriously by studios large and small.

But there’s always more to learn and ways to improve. So, we were delighted to host Joshua Flitcroft as he delivered a virtual talk to our residents about creating accessible experiences and games.

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TZ Virtual Event: UI Style Development

Another week, another Tentacle Zone virtual event for our residents. Last week’s talk covered UI style development, with a touch of UX chat to boot. Our speaker was Martin Darby, an established UX & UI consultant who has worked in games for more than 15 years.

Martin has lent his experience to some of the biggest names in UK development – the likes of Jagex and Codemasters – so we were thrilled to get his perspective.

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TZ Virtual Event: Art & Narrative

We were delighted to welcome Francesco Abbonizio – experienced art and creative director – to the Tentacle Zone for a talk exploring different techniques for conveying narrative in games without resorting to NPC dialogue and text heavy exposition.

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TZ Virtual Event: Data-driven Design

Our speaker – Jan Vaněček – joined us all the way from Czechia where he works as Design Director at mobile studio Geewa. Jan has a long background in both mobile and console / PC development so we were excited to hear what he had to say.

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TZ Virtual Event: The secrets & habits of cultures that innovate fastest

Why are some teams brilliant at innovation and others aren’t? What are high performance cultures actually doing with their time? Why am I working all the time and yet I don’t feel very productive? These were just some of the questions tackled by Simon Sparks – our guest speaker for this week – in his talk titled “The Secrets & Habits of Cultures That Innovate Fastest”.

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