getting ahead in game marketing.

A fireside chat and presentation with Visar Statovci and Dan Sheridan of Waste Creative, looking into current and future tactics & strategy

About this event

At the Tentacle Zone, we want to help game developers by giving them access to insights from industry leader advertising agency Waste Creative, and their successful game marketing campaigns and projects. By attending this session, participants got a better understanding of the tools and processes they can use to structure a marketing campaign as well as what opportunities there were out there for independent game developers.

The speakers

Visar Statovci

Fourteen years ago, Visar co-founded Waste, a digital creative agency based in London and LA. While his background was originally design and creative, he moved into management soon after starting Waste and oversaw its growth from 3 people to 70+. Visar has worked closely throughout the years with clients such as Supercell, SEGA, Nintendo and Warner Brothers amongst many others.

Dan Sheridan

Dan Sheridan has 20 years of experience working in the interactive entertainment industry and spent the last 14 years dedicated to marketing within the global video games industry. Dan has held positions at EA, SEGA, Maker Studios and nDreams.

Kirit Rayatt

Alongside her BA in Photography at University of the Arts London, Kirit strived to gain experience across the entire creative industry. A few months on from graduating, she is now a Junior Strategist at Waste Creative and works closely with a few of our clients, including RyseUp Studios.

Milen Ivanov

After working as an environment artist for Eden Games and Arkane Studios in Lyon, Milen founded RyseUp Studios in 2014. As Founder of RyseUp, Milen has acquired extensive experience developing the business over the past 6 years, manoeuvring the studio through the notoriously competitive gaming industry. Milen also continues to fuel his passion as an artist at RyseUp with the development of the game Roboquest which was recently released in Early Access.