Incubator Alumni update  kolena studio

Mohammad Ashour
Tentacle Zone Incubator Alumni 2022


Mohammad Ashour

Founder & Team Lead, Kolena Studios

Project Sala - Kolena Studio's tactical roguelike deckbuilder

Recently, we’ve been taking time to get in touch with our incubator alumni, finding out how they’re getting on and sharing their updates via little blog posts like this one. This week it’s the turn of Kolena Studio and their founder and tech lead – Mohammad Ashour.

Project Sala

Since completing our programme in the autumn of 2022, Mohammad and the Kolena team have spent much of the last year working on pre-production for their tactical roguelike deckbuilder – Project: Sala (working title). 

They worked on the game’s design in Tabletop Simulator, continuing this process until they received positive feedback on the gameplay. Happily, designers and playtesters are now engaged and having fun playing Sala. This progress means that development has now switched gears and entered full production, with the aim of completing the game in the next 1-2 years.

North African inspired weapon concept for project Sala

Updates from the Kolena team

Mohammad has hired an artist – Simon Rosenthal – who’s been helping develop the art for the synergistic factions of Sala. The game is set in a sci-fi universe inspired by North African culture, and Simon has been instrumental in finding the visuals to bring the game’s universe to life.

A screenshot of character designs by Simon Rosenthal, Kolena's artist

Lars – Kolena’s sound designer – has been busy during pre-production, sketching out a North African inspired tracklist. You can check it out on SoundCloud.

Meanwhile, Asfand – Kolena’s junior programmer – has been working with Mohammad on various proofs of concept in Unity. These experiments are vital in helping to cut down production time, since they address technical questions early and provide solutions to development problems.

Getting the word out

On the marketing side, Kolena has been accepted into The Indie Spotlight marketing programme, a brilliant initiative by indie game marketing agency – Game If You Are. The team are very much looking forward to boosting awareness of Sala over the coming months.

You can keep up to date with Project: Sala and get updates from Kolena over on X (formerly Twitter) or you can sign up to their monthly newsletter.