Incubator Alumni update  Unifiq games

Seyed Nasrollahi
Tentacle Zone Incubator Alumni 2022

Seyed Nasrollahi

A still image of Unifiq Game's new unannounced title

It’s been an eventful 18 months for Seyed Nasrollahi, CEO of Unifiq Games and Tentacle Zone incubator alumni. Seyed joined our program in 2022, and at that point, he was working on the studio’s first game – Operation Outsmart. The team had made plenty of progress on the project, but there was a problem.

“By the end of the incubator, I came to the conclusion that there was not sufficient player engagement,” he tells us. “I decided to cancel the title and start working on a new one.”

Unifiq Game's ’s first game - Operation Outsmart.


Cancelling any project is a gut-wrenching experience. It’s difficult to wave goodbye to months, or even years, of hard work and start all over again. But Seyed didn’t let it get him down; he was determined to use what he’d learned to turn the situation to his advantage. 

“Based on all the knowledge I had acquired about video game market conditions, I decided to develop my next title in the open-world survival craft genre,” he says. “I reused a lot of the systems that I had developed for Operation Outsmart, giving me a head start in development.”

The decision seems to be paying off. Although still in its infancy – Seyed hopes that they’ll be able to launch in Early Access in 2025 – the as yet unnamed game has already been featured on the popular website 80 Level

The rapid progress the team has made meant that he was also able to secure a grant from Innovate UK – funding that has brought him back to the Tentacle Zone, this time as a resident and mentor for the next incubator program.

“I rented a desk at the Tentacle Zone workspace to work in an environment filled with talented game developers,” Seyed explains. “I have continued to maintain my relationships with my incubator mentors, and I am very much looking forward to becoming a mentor myself.”We have good news if you’re an early-stage game developer eager to follow in Seyed’s footsteps. Applications for the 2024 Tentacle Zone Incubator are now open. You can find the registration form here. Applications close on 11 January, so don’t hang about. You can find more information on our incubator page.