Marketing your game, if you have limited time for marketing.

Explore 4 areas of marketing your game as an independent game developer and learn what is the biggest impact you can make with a time budget.

About this event

This event has been full of insights into games marketing. Throughout it, our participants and speaker explored 4 key areas in marketing:

  • Budget
  • Marketing plan review
  • Marketing tools
  • Strategic & tactical marketing patterns

The speaker

Christian-Peter Heimbach

Christian-Peter Heimbach is the Company Director of Actioncy Tech Ltd. and has an extensive background in games, technology and marketing. In the past, he was Senior Manager for International Digital Publishing at Warner Bros. Through his career he worked on popular games and series such as Aion, Batman Arkham, LEGO, Mortal Kombat, No Man’s Sky and others. His team recently released their beta of a marketing planning application for the games industry.