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We’ve been catching up with each of our 2021 incubator alumni, finding out how they’re progressing 12 months on from our inaugural programme. In part one, we spoke with Jeffery Thompson Jr of Epoch Media. Now it’s the turn of Salman Shurie, Founder of Gesinimo Games, and contender for the hardest working developer in the games industry. 

profile image of Salman Shurie

Salman Shurie

Founder & Developer, Gesinimo Games
Tentacle Zone Incubator 2021 Cohort

Salman currently has four original games in development and has been regularly teasing them on Twitter to great response. Remarkably, each as-yet unnamed game occupies a distinct genre.  There’s the delivery drive life sim – balance the demands of your job with your social life and your bills. 

Then we have the slingshot shooter – bounce your way around tight corridors using a wonderfully animated dismembered hand. Next up, a survival rogue farming game which Salman is making in collaboration with pixel artist Shawn Martins. Finally, there’s the fast-paced arena survival game – protect yourself from hordes of extremely grumpy looking red circles.

In addition to his original titles, Salman is also working on a mobile port of his award-winning skateboarding game, Tap Tricks. If you can’t wait for the mobile version then don’t fret, you can play in your browser right now over on Poki. Look out for Tap Tricks on your phone soon along with a major update bringing plenty of fresh content.

It’s incredible to see Salman’s progress over the last year. Developing and releasing multiple games across different genres would be a challenge for anyone but Salman makes it look easy. Get all the updates from Gesinimo Games by following Salman on Twitter. Worth it alone for his sharp wit and regular insights into the life of a solo developer.

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