As part of the London Games Festival: Open Studios line-up, Payload Studios and the Tentacle Zone residents are opening up their doors for anyone working in the games industry to say hello, meet fellow devs and have a fun afternoon at our co-working space in Central London.

You can sign up to a hot desk for the afternoon, join our video games tournament Tetris, meet a bunch of our resident studios and have some lunch with us, which we’ll provide (please let us know dietary requirements when you sign up!)

The Schedule

Tentacle Zone Fun!

Meet some of our residents ahead of the day!


Payload Studios

We’re an independent games studio founded in 2013 by Russ Clarke and Vincent Scheurer. We now have a team of 30+ working on our flagship game TerraTech and we also operate the Tentacle Zone. This allows us to work alongside like-minded peers and share knowledge and experience with other residents. We’re also passionate about promoting positive change within the industry and creating inclusive workspaces.

Multipe Titles | PC

Spilt Milk Studios

We’re a multi-award-winning independent game developer based in London, UK with a focus on community, diversity and curiosity. We were founded in 2010 and have found success providing our expertise to clients such as roll 7, Iron Galaxy and Electric Square. We are very excited about our upcoming projects and our team of 14 (and growing) endeavour to support and celebrate this wonderful industry of ours in any way we can.

unannounced game | Esports


MOBA is the most popular but a complex esports genre and we make it accessible to the mass. We reinvent the genre from scratch to make it hyper quick, strategic, intense, and deeply social. Stormed is the most rapid MOBA in the world.


Strelka Games

Strelka Games focuses on creating unique multiplayer experiences for PC and Consoles. We produced and published two games, Circle of Sumo (2018) and Circle of Sumo: Online Rumble! (PC&Switch 2020). We also published Red Rope: Don’t fall behind+ (Xbox, PS and Switch 2020) and Promesa (PC 2020).

The studio is currently working on Hell is Others, our most ambitious production so far! HIO is a survival horror, PVPVE, top-down shooter, in which you Hunt other players, gather blood and use it to fuel the economy of Century City. Your bullets’ plants would probably appreciate some too! You’re condemned to survive. If not, you’ll lose everything.