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Incubator Alumni update – Yaldi Games

One of the great joys of running an incubator programme is keeping in touch with alumni and receiving their updates. And we’ve been thrilled to watch Elena Höge – Founder, CEO and Creative Director of Yaldi Games – as she’s progressed since her time with us in 2021.

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TZ’s Games Industry Social

Join us as we open our doors for our new TZ’s Games Industry Social! This careers focused networking event is a must-attend for all games industry professionals.

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TZ Virtual Event: UI Style Development

Another week, another Tentacle Zone virtual event for our residents. Last week’s talk covered UI style development, with a touch of UX chat to boot. Our speaker was Martin Darby, an established UX & UI consultant who has worked in games for more than 15 years.

Martin has lent his experience to some of the biggest names in UK development – the likes of Jagex and Codemasters – so we were thrilled to get his perspective.

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TZ Virtual Event: Art & Narrative

We were delighted to welcome Francesco Abbonizio – experienced art and creative director – to the Tentacle Zone for a talk exploring different techniques for conveying narrative in games without resorting to NPC dialogue and text heavy exposition.

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TZ Virtual Event: Data-driven Design

Our speaker – Jan Vaněček – joined us all the way from Czechia where he works as Design Director at mobile studio Geewa. Jan has a long background in both mobile and console / PC development so we were excited to hear what he had to say.

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