October 14th, 2019

Tentacle Workspace Events @ Payload Studios

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2 Dec 2019 Midday Conversation on Building Relationships with Kasim Rehman and John Vega (Sony) Residents & Guests only
3 Dec 2019 Game On: Festive Social TICKETS
17 Dec 2019 Midday Conversation on Leadership and Responsibility with Mel Phillips (BAFTA Games) Residents & Guests only
26 Nov 2019 Midday Conversation on Production Best Practices with Ellen Vandebruwaene (Producer at Bohemia Interactive) Residents & Guests only
19 Nov 2019 Game On: Driving Diversity Panel TICKETS
13 Nov 2019 Journalism and Influencers: 2020 and Beyond TICKETS
29 Oct 2019 Midday Conversation on CoWorking with Christoffer Cederholm (CEO at Spelkollektiv) Residents & Guests only
22 Oct 2019 Game On: Game Changers Panel TICKETS
10 Oct 2019 Creating a Mobile Game for Organic Growth РChris Dawson, Co-Founder, Robot Squid TICKETS 
26 Sep 2019 Callum Brighting, Co-founder, Netspeak Games The Indie Advantage TICKETS
26 Sep 2019 Tentacle Workspace Leadership & Growth Roundtable with Mark Sorrell (ex-Rovio) Residents & Guests Only
17 Sep 2019 Game On: Jo Twist OBE in Conversation, CEO of UKIE TICKETS
12 Sep 2019 Two Way Media – Marketing / FB Games Residents & Guests only
11 Sep 2019 How to write press emails with James Batchelor Residents & Guests only
4 Sep 2019 Chris Molozian Anatomy of an open-source game server Residents & Guests only
2 Sept 2019 Limit Break Game Design Roundtable External Invite-only event
29 Aug 2019 Tentacle Zone Roundtable on Biz-Dev Networking Residents & Guests only
28 Aug 2019 Coven Club Coven Club August Meet-up External Invite-only event
27 Aug 2019 PoC in Play Muslim Representation in Games – POC in Play x Muslamic Makers TICKETS
20 Aug 2019 Game On: Vicki Reynolds Game On Talks: Unconscious Bias TICKETS
19 Jun 2019 Game On: ‘Putting the G into Gaming’ TICKETS