May 24th, 2019

Tentacle Zone Workspace GameJam 2019

Over the last weekend, a group of highly talented programmers, designers, artists and composers teamed up to participate in the Tentacle Zone Workspace GameJam 2019. The chosen theme was ‘No Upgrades, Only Downgrades’. Some insanely creative and witty game concepts materialised under tight time constraints.

All for One

A top down twin stick shooter where you play as a small army fighting other armies. Each soldier you lose makes your army weaker permanently. By Team Alone in the Dark: Sam.

Play the game here.

All for One Game


Why am I being punished?

By Team Angel Incorporated: Robert, Kamal and Damian.


A good day in HELL

Play as Sisyphus, the man doomed to eternally push a boulder up a hill.

By Team Bad Karma: Sam, John, Vikas & Kush. Play the game here.


Point of Honour

A 1v1 Brawler where every victory earns you a shiny new downgrade to wear with pride by Team Death on 2 Sticks: John and James.

Play the game here.

Point of Honour Game Image



#AimForTheStars is the ridiculous story of a media influencer going out to celebrate a big achievement, but remember, no upgrades, downgrades only. By Team Margarita for the People – Lucy, Ale, Satu, Shaun. Play the game here. 

Aim for the Stars Game Image


You’re Screwed!

You’re Screwed is a game about making a last stand with dwindling resources. Something has turned all the patrons of the space food hall into flesh hungry blobs and you seem to be their next meal!

Fight them off using your powerful weapons. But there’s a problem.. slowly your weapons will degrade and there is nothing to repair them with. Can you make it out?

By Django, Maxwell, Thomas and Luke. Play the game here.

Well done to everyone who participated, this has to be one of my favourite gamejams because of the teamwork between experienced programmers and newbies to games – can’t wait for our next one! Thank you to Payload Studios and our Payloaders, Khally and Ben for their help in organising the event.

The Tentacle Zone, run by Payload Studios, is a workspace near Farringdon in London dedicated to the games industry. To find out more about desk space, events or being part of the community and supporting us, please email and join our Tentacle Zone Workspace meet-ups group.

Thank you to Stefan from the London Indie Game Developers Group and Darrenlloyd from Greenwich University for helping to spread the word. And a special shout out to Dave Allen (composer) for supporting our teams with their soundtracks.