The Hayseed Knight chapter 4 out now

The Hayseed Knight

The Hayseed Knight is a fully voice acted Visual Novel where you’ll join a ragtag band of misfits as they try to piece together the story of how Ader, a one-eyed farmboy with seemingly impossible dreams, becomes the most celebrated knight the kingdom of Acazhor has ever known. 

Chapter 4 of The Hayseed Knight, the epic visual novel by Tentacle Zone incubator alumni Sandra “Maxi” Molina, is available now.

This latest chapter continues the story of Ader – a one-eyed farm boy with impossible dreams. From nowhere, Ader defies the odds to become the kingdom of Acazhor’s most celebrated knight.

How did this happen? Join Ader and a ragtag band of misfits and find out. Be careful though, your choices will impact both Ader’s relationships and his fate.

The Hayseed Knight is a passion project for Maxi who has been working on it full-time for more than five years. From the gorgeous hand-drawn artwork to the incredible voice acting, Maxi has done it all.

Over the years, the game has developed a dedicated audience, with a “very positive” rating on Steam. It’s loved by critics too, collecting buckets of awards and nominations since 2017.

You can try The Hayseed Knight for yourself by heading over to Steam or and downloading the demo. £11.39 will get you all four chapters of the game along with any future chapters as they’re released. Go along to the game’s website and follow Maxi on Twitter for the latest updates.