Using AI to speed up game creation with Gordon Midwood 


Gordon Midwood 
CEO, Anything World

Gordon Midwood 

 Gordon Midwood is the CEO & technical co-founder of Anything World – a start-up which uses machine learning / AI to create fully rigged and animated assets. 


This week’s Tentacle Zone residents speaker was Gordon Midwood, CEO of Anything World, a platform that allows developers to build interactive 3D assets quickly and cheaply. Gordon joined us to demonstrate the power of Anything World’s tech and how it can be used to speed up the development process.

Gordon began by talking about his background as an indie developer and his frustration at the time and cost of producing 3D assets for games. As he had no art or animation skills, these were major blockers for him and it was this experience that led him to found Anything World.

Gordon then took us on a tour of AW’s tech, explaining that it’s capable of taking any static 3D model and outputting a model that’s fully rigged and animated. We were shown examples of human models but also insects and animals, including foxes and giraffes. 

AI and machine learning are hot topics within game development at the moment and it was fascinating to see technology that’s at the forefront of this movement. Thank you to Gordon for taking the time to speak to us, we’ll be keeping a close eye on Anything World’s progress over the next couple of years.

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